We're undertaking work to develop community technology programmes that seek to redress the lack of access to infrastructure and information in excluded communities.

We see community technology as a radical way towards community-designed and owned digital infrastructure for information-sharing, learning and experimentation. More than that we see the connections, relationships and trust networks between community members as an essential part of bridging the gaps left by the uneven distribution of access to public services created by increasing digitalisation that prioritises the privileged and shuts out marginalised communities.

As community tech stewards we're doing to work to:

  • Support participation and engagement with excluded communities around existing and emerging technologies.
  • Foster open, inclusive spaces to explore and share the joys of technology
  • Support community ownership, funding and maintenance of new tech infrastructure
  • Create spaces for community care and tech repair
  • Explore alternative technologies and alternative uses of technology to solve problems in the local communities
  • Improve access and increase digital participation

We plan on doing this by developing and delivering training programmes to help grassroots and local community groups build out digital infrastructure that is accessible, maintainable and sustainable.

collaborate with us

Are you a community technologist from an excluded community and interested in developing resources to support local community groups? We’re building a network of community tech stewards and would love to hear from you. Reach out and say hi: