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We are a design and technology co-operative that researches, designs and builds digital and material infrastructure for liberatory futures.

We believe

Our practises are informed by social justice and collective action movements as led and informed by Black feminism. We believe that technology and design can provide opportunities and tools for collective liberation but we do not believe that they naturally embody these characteristics.


We view the world and our practises through the lens of:

Fairness and equitability

Centering the most dispossessed and working to subvert racial capitalism at every turn.

Kindness, care and compassion

For each other, communities and wider ecosystems we interact with and rely on.

Consent and autonomy

Practise and build for consentful tech. We are against surveillance capitalism.

Cooperation and collaboration

Between people, communities and organisations. Support existing structures, patterns and traditions, many communities already hold unrealised solutions to common problems.

Imagination, creativity and playfulness

Imagine and build alternatives and spaces for joy.

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