We are a design and technology co-operative that researches, designs and builds digital and material infrastructure for present movements and liberatory futures.

We are guided by the principles of Black feminism, co-operativism and radical tech advocacy. We work to free design and technology from their institutional framing while rooting practices, approaches and learning in a community context.

Resourcing grassroots movements

We work with social justice groups to understand and frame their design needs based on desired outcomes and available resources. We use a collaborative approach, centering communities who are most impacted by design interventions.

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We are a collective of designers, community organisers and tech advocates working with partners and allies to develop new frameworks and imaginings for digital and social justice in local communities and the wider world.

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We support groups working hard towards collective liberation

Africans in the Diaspora
Resource Justice
Decolonising Economics
Kinfolk Network

Multitudes understands us intimately and delivers work in a way that meets our principles.

– Guppi, Decolonising Economics

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