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Assisting a network of Black activists in its rebirth

Kinfolk Network contacted us after a year of deep organisational work, ready to step back into the world and shine.

Organisation: Kinfolk Network

Credits: Debs Durojaiye, Juliette Mothe, Riwan Rejon

Services: Content work, UI/UX, Visual Design, Development

Deliverables: Content recommendations, Visual identity, Social media banners, Website

 Three black people set against a purple and beige background.


Only weeks away from Kinfolk’s summer program, we had to move efficiently to help design and restructure content, and match it with a playfully radical brand-new visual identity.

Aligning their voice, identity and ambition with a quick intervention

The new Kinfolk Network logo set against a bright yellow background.
Website homepage displayed on desktop and mobile screens.


As Kinfolk Network was getting formally reintroduced to the world, we set up this new iteration of the brand for success by rooting their identity in the joyful solidarity of the convenings they held in the past.

Going back to their roots to help them grow

Photo treatment for visual brand.


What’s in a name?

Although being officially named Kinfolk Network, the initiative was often informally shortening its name to KIN. This moniker had made its way to their previous logo, making it difficult to set them apart from the various companies and initiatives sporting the same name. We suggested using their full name to increase memorability.

Boosting visibility, gearing up for impact

Two images of Black people showing the new visual treatment for image assets.

Structuring content

Content is often neglected or underdeveloped when commissioning design work, mostly because of an internal skill gap and a lack of visibility on how content needs to be crafted for the web and other mediums. We helped create a clear information hierarchy and concise sections to help users parse content quickly.

Developing their visual identity

We powered through stages of visual explorations to help give a clear direction to their brand-new identity. The result is a bright, modern Basquiat-esque look and feel centring support and community.

A group of Black people in a huddle.

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