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Designing for new economy movements

Guppi and Noni, Decolonising Economics’ co-founders, came together to build a solidarity economy movement rooted in racial justice principles. They initially reached out for a website redesign, but we quickly identified a need for a more cohesive brand identity.

Organisation: Decolonising Economics

Credits: Debs Durojaiye, Juliette Mothe, Riwan Rejon

Services: UI/UX, Visual Design, Development

Decolonising economics founders Guppi and Noni


Like so many grassroots groups doing critical work, Decolonising Economics had limited funds when they approached Multitudes. This made it a bit challenging to access the type of services they needed, and with a long list of competing priorities, design can sometimes seem like a fancy nice-to-have.

Moving power and birthing new worlds on a limited budget

Decolonising Economic's desktop homepage and mobile homepage
Decolonising Economic's desktop homepage with visual image assets


Many grassroots groups that need good design can't always afford it; making design seem like a privilege when it shouldn’t be. At its best, good design ensures that important messages are well communicated in a way that leaves no one behind. As such, everyone deserves it.

We’re still figuring out how to work with people who have limited budgets. With Guppi and Noni, we’ve tried a mix of payment and exchange of services.

Meeting grassroots groups where they are


Optimising brand assets

Two separate artists had already contributed a banner and a logo. Our very first priority was to unlock their potential and expand them into a fresh, versatile brand identity. We turned their bitmap logo into multiple vector versions, adjusted the colour palette and simplified their original language so it wouldn’t overpower their brilliant content.

Designing an inviting and distinctive home for knowledge

Improving info hierarchy, prioritising accessibility

Making Decolonising Economics heard and understood was then a huge focus. We recommended a new content distribution and delivered a WordPress website that scored a perfect Lighthouse accessibility score.

Various Decolonising Economics logos

Decolonising Economics logos

Shaping a 72-pages report

Later, we took on their “Tax as a tool for racial justice” report, and in just four days, we turned raw content into a comprehensive branded booklet.

A sample page spread from the report, with one page with text against a yellow background. Page header titles include 'The colonial mindset'  and 'White supremacy'
A sample page spread from the report, with one page with text against a red background. The other page shows a person holding a protest sign that says 'Fight systematic racism'
A sample page spread from the report, with one page with text header that says 'A global colonial financial system'. The other page shows an old image of a financial institution.

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