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Breaking the mould of traditional Charity identities

Over the last two years, Multitudes partnered with Thousand Currents to rebirth their program aiming to collectivise Africans' resources through community, solidarity, power, and radical transformation.

Organisation: Thousand Currents

Services: Brand Design, UI/UX, Visual Design, Development, Illustration

Credits: Debs Durojaiye, Juliette Mothe, Riwan Rejon, Emery Jordan

People walking in a forest


With this rebirth, Africans in the Diaspora looked for a partner who could translate their clear vision for a self-reliant Africa into a creative, bright and unapologetic brand. This commitment to African-owned, -driven, and -led transformative change needed to be front and centre, anchoring AiD in the charity space while defying the usual representations of charities and the people they help.

Turning the chants of the diaspora into one memorable voice

A colour collage with two Black people with white paint markings looking straight into the camera
A collage of different design assets created for the AiD project


Leading with joy, creativity and authenticity, AiD is transparently interrogating philanthropy and wanted a visual identity that could expand and shapeshift to showcase the variety and nuances of experiences and voices they're amplifying.

Celebrating the power of Black Joy and self-determination

Image assets used in the AiD project


An iterative & collaborative process

Our team worked in close collaboration with Luam Kidane (Director of Global Programs) and Zahra Dalilah (African Diaspora Partnerships Manager) to explore creative avenues and co-create AiD's new visual identity.

Creating an extensive, scalable yet expressive identity

A collection of colourful visual assets inspired by geometric shapes and common 'African' motifs.

Accessibility first

True to Multitudes’ commitment to a more accessible web, we prioritised accessibility in applying the new brand to their website while sticking to their CMS of choice: Squarespace.

A collage of two Black people set against some flowers and a black background

Growing AiD's visual universe

We showcased how to use their identity and create distinct but connected visuals for three of their projects: Chop It Up, Soil and Soul and Practicing Liberation.

Two people joining hands overhead, against a red and yellow swirling background and with white paint markings on their bodies
 A person with white paint markings with the words 'Introducing' in bold across the top.

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