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Spotlighting the role of Law Centres in dismantling systemic racism

Max Gerber, the head of product of Law Centres Network (LCN), approached Multitudes to work on the 2022 edition of LCN's yearly conference. With just a few days of availability in our schedule and their conference around the corner, we had to be fast and efficient.

Organisation: Law Centres Network

Credits: Juliette Mothe, James Gordon (Neontribe)

Services: UI/UX, Visual Design

The black power salute set against bright yellow starbursts


Max had reviewed our portfolio and was familiar with our approach to visual design. We decided to put forward only one proposal with colours, shapes, typeface and a mockup of their soon-to-be landing page because it was such a tight timeframe. Through close collaboration with the team we were able to deliver a visual identity for the conference that was impactful, accessible and memorable.

Taking the risk of making a bold proposition

Desktop and mobile design mock-up for LCN's conference
Mock-up of multiple screen from LCN's conference websit


The yearly, temporary nature of the conference allowed us to take inspiration from the theme and get to restyling mockups quickly. However, the trust and support from LCN's whole team was the needed ingredient that helped us reskin thirteen mockups in just a few days.

Moving fast, making things better

A collage showing the Black power salute


Setting expectations

We tried to be as upfront and open as possible about what could happen. We set clear deadlines for each phase, including feedback time and pushed back when something was no longer possible, which the LCN team respected.

Timeboxing feedback tightly, getting our priorities in order

Collection of abstract shapes in the LCN conference website colours

Adapting as many critical components as possible

Getting to restyle every screen was a stretch, so we focused on getting tricky views and UI elements out of the way first. Then we made our way through as many different screens as possible so they could get a sense of the emerging design system.

Collaborating with Neontribe

We got the opportunity to work alongside James Gordon from Neontribe, who was in charge of building the platform. Max made sure we connected early on, and James's quick feedback helped us amend and improve the final deliverables.

Redesign components for the LCN conference website

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