We design and build tools to support movement builders and social justice groups, and work to uphold their principles and values.

What we do can be summed up as

  • Understanding problems, exploring solutions
  • Design research and experimentation
  • Design facilitation
  • Building tools and assets
  • Visual design
  • UX design
  • Web design

We have a pretty opinionated approach to the tools and services we use, taking into account accessibility, consent, affordabiility and equitability.

Our design process

We apply a variety of different tools and techniques to solve problems, using the Design Justice principles framework as a guide. Our role in any project team can best be described as facilitators.

working with us

In some case we may push back on tools or services that don't align with our ethics. We're anti-surveillance capitalism and do not include Google or Facebook analytics on the sites we build, for example.

Studio economy

We recognise the role global capitalism plays to further the aims coloniality today, and we support alternative economic models (like exchange of services, for example) as a means to deliver design and technology to grassroots organisations. We employ this approach on a case by case basis.

We've published our studio price list for openness and to help groups plan their design budgets:

Studio price list

Multitudes founding vision is at the heart of AiD's visual identity, which is constantly hailed as one the strengths of the programme.

– Zahra, Africans in the Diaspora